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Small, Local Business Wants to Show you  How You Can Get Paid $300 to Simply Drive Your Car As Usual.

How It Works...

We place a sticker on the back window of your vehicle just like the one below.

Each Vehicle receive's it's very own extension so you will get credit for any lead that comes from your car.

Every time we buy a house that comes from your car, you get paid!

We do all the work so you never have to take a call or reply to anyone

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How To Make Extra Cash While Sitting in Traffic

Dear Future Driver,


What could you do with an extra $300?


Maybe pay some bills? Take the family out for a nice weekend getaway? Or maybe just tuck it away for a rainy day...


The reason I ask, is because we here at LanBo Homes Solutions have over 30 drivers on the road with our stickers on their back window.


Each month, they drive around town as they normally would.


They drive to and from work, to their kids baseball games, to the grocery store...


As they drive around town, people see our advertisement (the sticker) on the back of their car, and call the number  on the back window to get more information about selling their house.


You see, we are real estate investors, and we are buying houses all around The Tri-Cities Areas.  We buy houses each and every month and we want to help you make some extra cash!


And this is where you come in...


Simply allow us to place a sticker (our advertisement) on the back window of your car.


When we buy a house from someone who calls in from your car, you get paid!


We pay $300 for every house that we buy that comes from your car.


There is absolutely no obligation, or work that has to be done on your part.


We field all of the calls, and manage the entire real estate transaction.


All you have to do is drive around town as you usually would.


So, if you could use some extra cash, and don't mind us placing a sticker on the back window of your car, CLICK the button below.


After doing so, you will be taken to the next page where you can book a time for us to install the sticker on your car.


If you have an questions before scheduling your install, please give me a call.


Here is my personal cell: (423) 406-6680






Check Out One Of Our Drivers Who Have Recently Been Paid!

Here is what she has to say about us... 

" So back a couple months ago I signed up to put a sign on the back of my truck saying "We Buy Houses..."  I was told that if someone contacted the company with my extension to sell their house  and they closed, I would receive $300 per closing!  Well today I received my 1st $300 check!!  This is a passive way to get some extra cash.  I do nothing but drive my truck.  This company is for REAL!  They even blessed me with a sign on bonus because I was their first vehicle advertising agent.  So Blessed!  Thank you LanBo Home Solutions Inc.  You are truly a blessing to me and it has been a blessing to work with you."

So How Do I Get Paid?

Step 1

Sign up to join our driving for dollars team and schedule your install.

Step 2

We meet at your convenience to install your sticker. The whole thing takes only 10 minutes.

Step 3

You drive your car around town as usual, and we track all calls from your car with unique extensions.

Step 4

Every time we buy a house that came from a call from your car, you get paid $300. Just like that!

This is a screen shot from our actual system that we use to track all of the calls that will come in from your vehicle.


Ready To Join Our Driving For Dollars Team?

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